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As Carolina Pride Alum Network (CPAN) members, we are deeply committed to amplifying the voices of LGBTQIA experiences, and we have a unique opportunity now to tell our story and document our legacy at Carolina. CPAN is leading “The Story of Us,” a ground-breaking collaboration with Wilson

The Story of Us will be coordinated in three project phases:

  • University Archives will document the history of LGBTQ+ life at Carolina, bringing together existing materials — including manuscripts, archives, photographs, recordings, websites, and digital files (total support of $30,000).
  • The Southern Oral History Program will collect oral histories of students, faculty, and staff (total support of $39,000).
  • The Department of Communication will develop a performance, based on materials gathered in Phase I and II, to be staged in Memorial Hall (total support is $31,000).

History Told, Voices Heard We need you!

The total support for “The Story of Us” is $100,000, and we currently raised $75,000. The great news is a San Francisco alumna and her wife provided a $30,000 challenge to our membership and we met that challenge!!! Now help us to secure the remaining $25,000.

Chanel Chambers ’08 (M.B.A.) is a Durham resident, and chair of the “Story of Us” project at CPAN. “I am excited to support ‘The Story of Us’ because it represents our legacy,” said Chanel. “LGBTQIA people have been a part of the fabric of this university for decades, if not centuries. Now is the time to recognize those experiences and honor that history.”

Join Chanel in helping us tell “The Story of Us.” Your support will fill in the historical gaps that represent the true richness and diversity of LGBTQIA life at Carolina.

If interested in supporting, please visit CPAN’s website  If you have items you would like to submit to the collection or questions, please email us at

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